cybirea: (Default)
2004-01-11 05:09 pm

Friends Only...

Come inside, sit down, put your feet up. Make yourself at home. Mi journal su journal. -_~

If you have nothing good to say... come and sit next to me. ~pats seat next to her~

Due to Googles blog searcher, this journal is now friends only.
Please comment to be added, and possibly e-mail me at cybirea @ livejournal . com to make sure I get the message.
I have met all but two of the people on my friends list irl, and I prefer things that way, so if you've met me, and you liked me, and you want to hook up again, add away. I will add you back. I don't normally add myself to other peoples journal's as I think that is a bit presumptious, so it's up to you to make the running in this relationship Baby!